A Muslim Woman On Sin

Our Contributor’s Perspective The concept of forbidden acts or sins is inherent and built into most religions of the modern or ancient civilized world. The foundation of these sins or forbidden acts is laid out in social or moral principles. Many of them are common to most religions, especially the ones on social welfare and mutual coexistence of humans in a society (like lust, greed etc).  The aim of this post is to highlight any similarities between the seven deadly sins in Christianity and Islam. For new readers of this


Challenges Women Face In Pakistan

A Global Issue, Actually Life is awesome, yet challenging for the women of the world. No matter where we live, women are the homemakers and the building blocks of any society. But unfortunately, no matter where we live around the globe, we have gender specific challenges to tackle. It may be outright gender discrimination to reduced employment opportunities to sexual harassment. The range of challenges that women face is globally common at one end of the spectrum and totally diverse and society specific on the other. I, being the Pakistani


Arranged Marriages Pakistan Style

There’s More To Them They say marriages are made in heavens. But, in reality, there is more to marriages than just simple heavenly connection. This “more to marriages” is obvious in societies where marriages have deep social connotations and they are not merely a union of two people at their own sweet will. That social connection is most visible in arranged marriages. Recently, during the traditional marriage season in Pakistan, which starts September each year and ends during Spring, roughly March); millions of couples tied the knot. Being a social


Spring Has Arrived – In Pakistan

A Celebration of Colour and Beauty It is spring time in Pakistan and like every other part of the world, it is time for life to burst through the frozen. The breeze is getting more balmy and laden with the sweet scent of blossoms. The butterflies are back from the south as the central Indus plains of Pakistan are warming up to the beauty of the season, undressing from the cloaks of winter frost. Bees are busy harvesting nectar and women are gearing up for a shuffle of their wardrobes

last year

Last Year From Our Contributors

The Year Was… The world and his wife (where did that phrase come from) are now showcasing their Best of Last Year. Why should we not join in? Every Friday last year, a roundup of the most visited post of the week was shared. However, we are doing things a bit different and will use the first Monday of 2016 to toot our own horn! This blog relocated to WordPress less than a year ago and we did our best to make up time by posting every day of the

pakistani dish

Try A Pakistani Dish This Holiday

Co-Existing With Differences Today we live in a world united and polarized at the same time. Where globalization unites us, there the differences in skin color, creed, nationality and religion erect unseen barriers. Amidst the grey clouds of disparity, the sane and lovely exist who promote the co-existence of cultures and find great common grounds to enjoy each others cultural festivities. There is no better common ground than food including the seeming exotic and not to mention the festive foods.  You are invited to try a Pakistani dish this holiday!

Raising Children In Pakistan Today

Reflecting Society Values Children are the greatest assets of every human society and the future of a nation. Other than sharing the universal principle of love and care for children, every society has its peculiar set of circumstances and values to raise and teach their children. This depends largely on their culture, traditions, religion, social values and a score of other considerations. Pakistani society is no different. Ours is a nation of 220 million people and has a very diverse cultural heritage. With an over 98% Muslim population (converted from

The Story Behind Pakistan Fashion

Reflection of Society Dresses and styles reflect the culture, outlook, values and indeed the evolution of a society over time. Pakistan is no different. Embracing our inner divas, that is the conversation today – fashion. I am going to give you a glimpse into the Pakistan fashion and style. My focus as we peak is only on the dresses as the entire fashion scene here is just too wide to cover in one post. To understand Pakistan fashion, it is important for me to take you on an historical and