Believe It Or Not: We Are One

History Repeating Itself Recent events in Orlando, Florida caused many reactions around the world. It took me back to an article that I wrote and published in 2005 on the subject of us being one. That piece, which was entitled “Threatened Species: People of Colour, LGTBQ and Women,” told the story about discrimination, prejudice and narrow-mindedness negatively affecting the lives of too many. Never one to deal the race card or promote my own sexual orientation, it was difficult to avoid sharing my thoughts then and now about developments that

Wellness, Oneness And Living Fully Roundup

The Wind of Change As winter approaches – shivering just writing those words – the talk around my office in the last few days has been on vacation. The weather is a preoccupation of most Canadians that I know. They will often start a conversation commenting about the “crappy,” “awesome,” “crazy” or “nice” weather being experienced in the particular moment. After most of these comments, the follow-up is “wish I was somewhere warm” or “going South this year?” If the weather is “nice,” then a “shoot, why can’t it stay