down but not out

Down But Not Out: 4 Steps To Overcoming

Lesson From The US Election The past week has been an interesting one. We have seen the person who was almost written off as “cannot possibly win” do exactly that – win. We saw the one thought to be a virtual shoo-in lose. What we also saw were lessons not being learned; a collective of people, known as a party, not understanding that large sections of society are tired of not being heard. However, the greatest theme by the end of the week for me was “how to be down


Magical Or Miserable Life?

What Do You Think? Romantic I am. At least I think so. Maybe my exes would not agree. I do believe in things magical though. “Romanticizer” of life – not guilty on that score either. Wine me, dine me, make coffee for me and, best of all, have intelligent, witty, thought-provoking conversations with me and you will have me eating out of your hands. Well, metaphorically. You will at least have my keen interest. Tell me that all that glitters might very well be gold, that there is milk and


Consciousness And Road Blocks

Set Your Intentions I first met Rick during my last semester of college. I was bound and determined to have a job before graduation. It was fixed in my consciousness. I figured why wait to graduate and compete with all the other thousands of students who would be graduating at the same time. Start now! So in December (I was going to complete the program in April and graduate in late June) I started researching who I wanted to work for upon graduation. I boldly drew up my list of


Vulnerability: How To Embrace It

The “V” Word Have you ever noticed that until you buy say a particular type of car, you were almost completely unaware of the number of them already on the road? All of a sudden, every other car on the highway is a M-series BMW (yes, that was my dream car). Well the same thing was happening to me with a particular word just over a decade ago. I was in conversation with someone and she mentioned her fears around intimacy. We discussed this and her concern had to do


Interracial Couples Are Everywhere

Our World Is Blending This one is personal. It is intimate on many levels. Who knows, it may even be controversial. Revised and edited somewhat, this post on interracial relationships was first published in 2014 on my former blog. At the time the original was published, my status was married. We were discussing in a series how the world and its human inhabitants are “intermingling,” might we say? The conversation remains very relevant today as we see an increase in ‘mixed race’ relationships. From personal experience, I can tell you

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News You Can Really Use

Tune In Okay, here is the deal. I am moving towards my thirties but I am not quite there yet. It is a transitioning period I think, at least it feels that way. I have begun to shed some (not all) of my immature and idealistic traits. My interests are turning, ever so slightly, away from the superficial to the very real. My focus is leaning more towards becoming better on the inside than the outside because I know that these are the things that will really matter to me


Depression And Emptiness: My Story

Living With Depression I am very open about having depression. I have spoken in seminars, written papers and poems, shared my struggles with others, but I tend to only divulge when invited to. Because despite the fact that I have come to accept this depression as part of me, other people, even those closest to me, do not and will not understand. I do not like being depressed. Obviously. If I could choose not to be, I would. But, seeing as it is not going away anytime soon, my only

My Baby Died: How Do I Go On?

Love ‘Filled’ Me Every state of mind is directly affected by the flow of love within and without.  There is only one thing that truly fills the emptiness. That thing is called LOVE. The lack of love causes an inner emptiness that no substance, no bingeing, no external intervention can fill.  Inner emptiness comes from a lack of connection with our spiritual source of love. The truth of who I am comes only from my personal source of spiritual guidance—-whatever that is.  When I open to learning, that guidance ‘system’,