Top 3 Wellness Concerns For Mothers

Wellness And Your Circle Circles of influence and your wellness, that is where our spotlight is targetted today.  Psychologists, sociologists and other such learned folks have done the research and for some time now they have reported to us that those in our lives who actively influence our thoughts, choices and behaviour affect our wellness. Some researchers this year announced that they will be taking their investigation further and have developed a smart phone app and wearable monitoring technology that will measure, over a four-year period, the relationship between social

Parenting While Divorced

Those Pesky “D” Words Throwback Thursday and we are going back to a March day in the 1980’s when I first walked down the aisle. Two words do not scare me. One because I know that it is inevitable and the other because I have been around that block a couple times. Death does not scare me – not anymore. For years it did but after spending many nights at the bedside of patients, even holding their hands, as they made their transition, being in a hospital morgue preparing a

Warning: Rising Abuse of Pregnant Women & Child Poverty

Increasing Risk To Women And Children “The most pressing need now is providing help to the most vulnerable groups, including the elderly, children, the handicapped/those with special needs, women, people in remote villages, and individuals of a lower caste. These groups are often neglected because they usually the weakest and unable to search for help.” Those are the opening words on Hope Worldwide‘s website and I borrowed them as they are more appropriate than any I could think of to describe what is urgently needed to support and protect women