Money, Money, Money – Friend Or Foe?

Only Rich People For every time we talked and on any topic it always ended with her saying, “Only rich people… .” Whether we were talking about food, money, clothing, housing, having a pet, even sexual relationships for crying out loud, this woman always concluded that only rich people have it good. Before executing my plan not to engage her in any conversation beyond the weather, I asked her whether she thought her words had any impact on her finances. Sure she would not understand the metaphysics of my question,

How To Be Poor In Spirit Despite Money

Looking Back She and I had and still have very little in common, except for the obvious fact that we are both women. Despite all that separates our world, I could not help but empathize with her back in 2003. It is hard for me to imagine having that much money at my disposal, even harder for me to think about living in the spotlight as she did – even from her prison cell. Martha Stewart is a self-made woman – in as much as she built her earthly empire


Are You Enjoying Personal Freedom Where You Live?

Free To Be The end of a long, peaceful and restful Labour Day weekend and every minute of it was enjoyed and savoured – at least in my household of one. One of the many things that was accomplished was simply relaxing. Two days and minimal ‘work’ was done here, aside from posting one article a day, including yesterday’s, Katelyn Roth’s on “5 Ways To Split Expenses Without Splitting Up.” Surprisingly, that post had me thinking about personal freedom – what it means and how does one achieve it. Is


5 Ways To Split Expenses Without Splitting Up

Living Together Means Splitting Everything However we may like to think about it, living with a Significant Other is different from living with a roommate. Oftentimes, roommates are brought together by common denominators, such as being students or working jobs with salaries that prevent them from living alone. With a partner, though, we have (or think we have) more say over how things around the house should go—it is not “your room” and “my room,” “your space” and “my space,” everything is “ours.” Ours. Our couch, our room, our swelling

Back To School 2015: The Stuff, The Cost And The Faces

The Most Expensive Time Of The Year Most of my blogging colleagues’ pages are full with wonderful back to school information. For example, a page where students can ask for programming help to assist with classes. As I read through them, several emotions rushed through me – the biggest one? Relief! Smiling, my comment on most of these pages began with “Well, as I do not have a school-aged child …” and ended with the smiley face emoticon. Children are wonderful – wonderfully expensive! When I see very young women,

Monday Motivation Spotlights Relationships Today

Facts Are… Nearly half (44)% of the US population is single A man has an hour to make a first impression on a woman A woman has 15 minutes to impress a man Money is a big factor in a relationship for 88% of women These are four of the “facts” of relationships today as published on Buzzit. Check it out and share with me in our comments below whether you agree or disagree with these and the other six. One thing that is for sure – relationships are very

3 Smart Ways To Kick Out Your Adult Children

Baby Birds Must Leave The Nest When my daughter was growing up, as early as she could understand, my then partner would tell her that come 18 she will be kicked out. Needless to say, this pissed me off immensely. When my daughter did move out a few months after her 18th birthday, I was mad as hell! She was only in her first year of University, pursuing a degree in Anthropology with the intention of later focussing on Egyptology. I was so proud of my baby girl and full

Parenting News: Rich Kid, Poor Kid

Throwback Thursday – Remembering Childhood Another Throwback Thursday and my thoughts go back to 40+ years ago, examining the economic conditions that surrounded me and how it affected my future. Humble would be the best word to describe my childhood home, although my late mother had a tendency towards pretentious. It was hilarious as her attempts at looking “not too bad off,” were scanty. She often bragged about being one of the first to own a television in the neighbourhood and she was extremely proud of her Phillips stereo. That