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You Too Can Be Happy In 3 Steps

It Comes From Within “…If you think you need sound bites to inspire your work, then you’re in the wrong line of work. If your work doesn’t inspire you, you owe it to yourself to search for work that does. And searching for quotes to keep your spirits up is like filling a bottomless pit with a few grains of sand. Happiness comes only from within.” Steve Tobak Last Motivational Monday the difference between motivation and inspiration was discussed here and without belaboring the point, we return somewhat to that

You are at the core of the problem

Motivation And Inspiration: What’s The Difference?

Motivational Monday Another Monday and back to work for many after a nice or not-so nice weekend. Were you feeling motivated or inspired to get up and go this morning? What is the difference you ask? That is my exploration in this morning post on what is popularly called “Motivational Monday,” or “Monday Motivation” on most social media platforms. Mondays even has its own hashtag and I too use it although I understand that there is a difference – subtle to some but not so much so to others –

Endless Motivation: 4 Ways To Let It Flow

Damn, It’s Monday! Another Monday and some may have slouched out of bed, swearing or even cursing at life, the job they really do not want to go to today, their spouse for snoring all night or so it seemed. The Unmotivated are many among us and to them the chirpy, peppy lovers of Monday are like flies on a summer’s kitchen wall – begging to be swatted. Really hope that will not be the fate of this blog today if you are one of those Monday Haters. The intention

Fake It ‘Till You Make It, But Never These 4 Ways

Fake It ‘Till You Make It! That is sound advice, especially for those of us or those moments when we lack the natural chutzpah to do something that needs doing. “Fake It Till You Make It,” is advice that I am sure you have heard or you might have given. I most certainly have been told to fake it but, in my Jamaican upbringing and into adulthood, it was less delicate and more of a swift kick through the door of opportunity. In turn, I have encouraged my daughter to

Monday Motivation: 6 More Ways To ‘Keep Going’

Monday Motivation Continues Just after my 50th birthday in February of this year, while preparing for the poolside bash at Contributor, Clara Brown‘s place, the thought crossed my mind – “What next?” Those closest to me will tell you that over my lifetime the hats that have adorned my head are legion. Since leaving high school, my journey has taken me across the Caribbean, Europe, and North America. My jobs have been as varied as the places and people who I have met along the way. From junior secretary in

6 Monday Woes And Staying Motivated

Dreaded Monday There are so many reasons to hate Mondays and the people in Greece can give you 1.7 billion reasons why this one might be the worst. Why are Mondays so hated? Scientific Reasons For Black Mondays Scientists agree that Mondays can be dreadful and gave us six reasons why: Changes in sleep pattern: “Our minds are absolute slaves to our body clocks. As we remember every year when the clocks “spring forward,” even an hour’s change can completely mess you up. But in a way, we do this

Dude, You Have Cancer!

How Can You Be Happy? Several times during my often frightening challenges with two bouts of cancer, multiple treatments and life saving midnight surgery, I would get that question. Those were very intense times. I still have the gift of 77 medical clips and several large scars that help to remind me of those years of treatment. Once, as I was leaving yet another doctor’s appointment, a regular check up, I was pulled aside by one of the clinic’s administrators who simply wanted to know, “Why are you happy?” Seems,

Motivational Monday: When Life Sucks, Get Lollipops

Speaking with a young mother recently, it was disheartening to hear her say that her life feels over. Having not travelled much beyond her hometown, with small children to raise and a modest income, she felt there is not much more to life than what is. How do you convince someone that this is not true? You do not. They have to figure it out themselves. So, I kept quiet and wrote this instead – hope she sees it. Life Sucks But So Does a Lollipop “Life is what you