Intimacy: What Does It Mean To You?

Lost Meaning That word is used a lot on television and in the movies. Maybe it is just me but I believe that the word intimacy has lost its meaning. Now, mainly used as a euphemism for sex, intimacy seems to be sought after for all the wrong reasons and from all the wrong people. Some of us have looked for intimacy too quickly from paramours or friends that ended up stabbing us in the back or pushing us away. Some of us are desperate for intimacy yet remain guarded,


4 Steps To Lower Stress

What Causes You Stress? Stress is not something that I do, well not anymore. Well, until these past couple of weeks. I’m not alone in not coping well with stress though, I know a fair few people who struggle with it. I have one friend who uses something like these Tennis Lessons Phoenix. As being able to do exercise is their coping mechanism. Some moments of the greatest stress in my past had to do with money and the ending of relationships. I really wish I knew that CBD has

50, Single And Loving Life!

Marriage? Shacking Up? Not Likely Years ago, when my longest long-term relationship ended abruptly I wanted my life to do the same. When it was not doing so of its own volition, I took matters into my own hands. Twice. Now, almost nine years later, I am single, almost 51 years old and loving life as never before. Sure, I have had moments when I’ve wanted to use sites like Doublelist to find some friends or even build a relationship with someone. But I’ve never really had the courage, so


Thanksgiving Week Special

Why We Give Thanks In a few days, our American friends will be observing Thanksgiving Day. We here in Canada had our turkey and stuffing back in October. Why such close neighbours and cousins chose to observe Thanksgiving almost a month apart I honestly do not know but if you really are curious, Google is sure to have an answer. I am neither a native of the United States or Canada. My migration to North America was years in the making but finally happened in 2002 when my family and

3 Tips To Mastering Direction Changes

Your Mission Direction was never something I struggled with. By the time I was 7 years old, I had already decided to become an Egyptologist. My scholastic and geographic decisions from then on were based on that idea. I took French starting in the 6th grade because I knew that it was one of the three main languages spoken in Egypt. I read books, watched movies and documentaries and when it was time for university, I enrolled at the American University in Cairo. Up until I stepped onto the plane,

High Maintenance Woman: Yes, I Am

When She Walks… You know her. She walks into a room and most, if not all, heads turn to stare. The whispers hum as she goes by each table. Some are sweet as honey but many are as poisonous as a snake’s venom. “Oh, she’s here.” “Who the heck does she think she is?” “Diva, that’s what! A right snob!” “High maintenance!” High Maintenance Woman: Loved Or Hated But Never Ignored The funny thing is, she is not necessarily the most beautiful flower God has planted on this Earth. There

It’s No Secret: You Can Change Your Life Story With Gratitude

World Gratitude Day It started in the year of my birth but either my mother, my countrymen or both were not told about it or they could not see the merit of it. Pity, as had they shared its significance, many of the paths that was trod by me might have been avoided. Yet, never the one to have regrets, that it was not shared or taught to me allowed for deeper learning through the valleys of life. Now that I know better, I will do better and teach my

Life Is What You Make It: What Are You Making?

Good Morning Monday Like someone telling “Good morning,” on a Monday, there are some catchphrases, quotes, lines, sayings – call them what you will – that can completely piss off a person. “Life is what you make it,” is one of them. How can you tell the homeless, the hungry or the soon-to-be evicted family that they made the life they are living? Why would the woman who has been knocked up and knocked down make such a life? Someone tried arguing with me recently about racism but they ended