In Your 20’s? Here Are 10 Ways To Prep For Menopause Now

Prepping for the Big M I remember sitting in a developmental psychology class in my sophomore year of college and hearing my suspiciously Freudian-looking professor assure us that we were in the prime of our lives-young, healthy, strong, energetic-during our twenties, these things are at their peak. Rather than satisfaction, I felt absolute horror-the twenties were the golden years?! How could it all be downhill after that? It seemed unfair to get only a decade to enjoy only to start falling apart after that. That same year, I was at

3 Women’s Health Issues You Need To Know!

Women Stuff Throwback Thursday and my memory goes to an apparatus that I and many women might never use again in this lifetime. A douche. Excuse my manners for first not saying good morning. “Good morning, friends!” The Dreaded Douche When my professional life took me to the prison system here in Canada, it was there that I first heard “douchebag,” being used as an insult – or description of the ugliest of personalities. Thinking about it now, I can see how it fits that use as my feelings about