international men's day

International Men’s Day: Let’s Celebrate

Why Not? Last year was the first time International Men’s Day came on my radar. There was and remains much debate, at least in some circles, whether we need to observe such a day. In my post on my former blog on the subject, my view was that not only should we observe the day but we should celebrate it. Why not? Many reasons have been put forward why it is an unnecessary observation. The most overriding and compelling, to some, is that in our world structure and systems it

Dude, You Have Cancer!

How Can You Be Happy? Several times during my often frightening challenges with two bouts of cancer, multiple treatments and life saving midnight surgery, I would get that question. Those were very intense times. I still have the gift of 77 medical clips and several large scars that help to remind me of those years of treatment. Once, as I was leaving yet another doctor’s appointment, a regular check up, I was pulled aside by one of the clinic’s administrators who simply wanted to know, “Why are you happy?” Seems,

Another Fatherless Father’s Day

Without A Dad My father passed away soon after my 15th birthday. We were never close. I hardly knew the man. Whether he had a clue about me – a child he saw no more days than in a month before his death – I am not sure. So, Father’s Day was never celebrated in my house. “Daddy,” did not live with us. See, I am a member of that statistical group – Fatherless Children and according to the “U.S. Census Bureau, one-third of all American children are growing up