Bad Memories: How To ACT Them Out

They Will Come Sitting at home alone, tapping away at the several devices that surrounded me, television playing in the background as often happens on a Sunday morning. Lonely is not something that I ever am. In fact, my own company is the one that is most preferable to me. My daughter often teases me about being single for so long, living alone for years now and how will that impact my ever entering another live-together relationship. She is more concerned whether as the years pass will my memories and

letting go

Memories, Don’t Leave Like People Do

Why? Why Now? I did not think about my pursuer for a few days since her last message. At least not actively except for asking myself on my 45-minutes drive those early Fall mornings, “Why now?”  Trolling the memories that I held of her, I kept asking myself “Why doesn’t she just leave me alone?”  My annoyance grew as I recalled opening the new email from her and the sting of her words zapped me in the face. The first thing was her calling me Mrs. McPherson*. Why the hell that