Security, Spouse Or Sex? Which Is #1?

Depends On Your Priority When this post on the three S’s, security, spouse and sex was first published in 2005, I was on a treadmill for a couple of years. No, not the one that customarily comes to mind, especially to you exercise buffs. Anyone who saw me then and even now, know that exercise has the least priority on my list – sad as that may be. Before those emails start coming, questioning me about my arguments for self-care – let me just say, “I know.” Ironically, at the


Arranged Marriages Pakistan Style

There’s More To Them They say marriages are made in heavens. But, in reality, there is more to marriages than just simple heavenly connection. This “more to marriages” is obvious in societies where marriages have deep social connotations and they are not merely a union of two people at their own sweet will. That social connection is most visible in arranged marriages. Recently, during the traditional marriage season in Pakistan, which starts September each year and ends during Spring, roughly March); millions of couples tied the knot. Being a social

A Love Like This: Answer 3 Top Questions To Have One

Relationship Matters Motivational Monday and this week front and centre are relationships – how to get ready for one, attract one, be in one and even handle the end of one. Every woman and I dare say man, hope for a love like this – the one shared between my very best of friends, Beverly and Noel Martin. They are most certainly the model and motivation for me where it concerns an intimate relationship. Before you enter or settle for the relationship you are now in – read this interview

Monday Motivation Spotlights Relationships Today

Facts Are… Nearly half (44)% of the US population is single A man has an hour to make a first impression on a woman A woman has 15 minutes to impress a man Money is a big factor in a relationship for 88% of women These are four of the “facts” of relationships today as published on Buzzit. Check it out and share with me in our comments below whether you agree or disagree with these and the other six. One thing that is for sure – relationships are very

Parenting While Divorced

Those Pesky “D” Words Throwback Thursday and we are going back to a March day in the 1980’s when I first walked down the aisle. Two words do not scare me. One because I know that it is inevitable and the other because I have been around that block a couple times. Death does not scare me – not anymore. For years it did but after spending many nights at the bedside of patients, even holding their hands, as they made their transition, being in a hospital morgue preparing a

4th of July News: Women Keeping Names & Holiday Fashion

Happy 4th of July! A wonderful 4th of July to everyone in the United States where they are celebrating the 239th year of the Declaration of Independence! May you have an enjoyable time at your BBQ’s, watching the parades and the fireworks and whatever other activities you do on this your special day! Before getting into the ‘serious’ news, and when that word ‘news’ is used here, what is referred to are stories about issues of interest and related to the focus of this blog and the Daughters of Sheba

The Unfortunate Life of an Interesting Woman – Part I

The Third Wheel Ring, ring! The phone rang in the living room. Virginia looked up from the dining room table where she was writing in her journal. She jumped up after the second ring and ran to it. She grasped it from the end table just before her younger sister did. “Reynolds residence, Ginny speaking,” Virginia said as she made a face at her exasperated sister. With a big sigh, her younger sister Betty, sat on the overstuffed chair next to the table. “Ginny! Beverly here, how would you like

The Unfortunate Life of an Interesting Woman: A Series

Upcoming Romance Short Story Series The Unfortunate Life of an Interesting Woman, that is the title of the romance series coming to this blog. Short story writer, Alexis Ali, unfolds a fictional story of a woman, an interesting woman turned 20 years old in the late 1930’s and decidedly determined not to get caught in the marriage trap.  Subscribe and follow this story beginning next Hump Day, and every Wednesday for seven weeks as the story gathers steam. What better day to talk about romance, dating and the sexuality of an