7 Lessons From The Fount Of Wisdom: Facebook

It’s More Than Social Each of us has our personal reasons for choosing to be on Facebook or not. If you have used the platform as long as I have then those reasons might have evolved over the years. Initially, it was sheer curiosity about all things Internet that led me to join Facebook. With time and continued usage, the novelty just never wore off for me. Reconnecting with and even meeting family members who I have not heard a peep from in over 30 years was another reason. In the last few years,

Before I Die: 5 Life Lessons For My Granddaughter

Mahalia, My Kitten When this was first published, my granddaughter, Mahalia was almost 14-months old.  On July 1, 2014, she made a premature entrance and turned all our worlds around. No one would have convinced me that the day would come when I would be so in love with a grandchild. However, my Kitten, as I have called her since first seeing that ultrasound snapshot of her, has stolen, wrapped up and secured my heart. Due to her young age, genius as she might seem, I am sure Kitten will


How To Make This December Matter

Beyond The Gifts And Parties December is one of those months that the gamut of emotions are up for grabs. There are some who find this to be “the most wonderful time of the year.” What with all the gift giving and receiving, the decorations to be put up, the meals to be planned, the parties to attend. Then there are those who, for religious or sentimental reasons, do not like the month because of all the carolling, the gifting, the celebrating the birth of a man they share nothing

Emotional Filters: 4 Simple Life Hacks

Life Can Be Messy There is a popular quote from which many posters have been made and widely circulated across social media. It sounds catchy and has that 1-2-3 punch line. Yet, it is hard not to wonder how many people really get it? “You don’t have to attend every argument you are invited to.” It has been attributed to every known celebrity, guru and motivational speaker. However, according to several sources the real author is unknown. What else is hardly known is that this quote is about filters through

Children: 4 Wisdom Tips For Their Success

21st Century Children “I believe the children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier. Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be.” Whitney Houston The 21st Century is marked by a myriad of complexities with rapid and mind-boggling changes. Even if it has great babies songs for them to enjoy as well! It is vastly different from the era during which many of you

How 11 People Offered To Teach But Only 1 Transformed

Abundance of Energy My Dad shared a conversation from his youth with me that I have reflected on for many years. It still sits top of mind for me. He first shared it with me when I was just 12 years old. I had just started my first stand-alone business. Previously, I had a paper route (grew it from 27 to 58 customers in 20 months), shovelled snow, successfully did door-to-door sales and lots of other odd jobs. However, I never had a stand-alone business where I was in charge

Life Lessons, Karma Or Crappy Coincidences?

Really? This Is A Lesson? Michael H. Ballard, a man of resilience, will be the featured Contributor today and as I read his piece again, doing some formatting, finding pictures, etc to complement it before posting later this afternoon, several thoughts were buzzing in my mind. The central point was – life lessons, are they things that just happen to us from which we learn or are they fated, destiny coordinated by life to correct our willful ways? With me, one question always leads to a million so as I

Rid Your Life Of Toxic And Violent Women: Weekly Roundup

The Answer Is Within Who said that everybody, everywhere knows everything? If you thought that, you were wrong. Well in a sense. Deep inside of us we have the answers to most of life’s questions or at least have a compass that could lead to them. Asking the opinions of others and then not appreciating what they say as their perspective on life based on their experiences have often led many of us astray. There are people with good advice and I do hope that you find some of our