Moving Day: Is It Here Yet?

Clearing Space Moving house has always been pleasurable to me. Some might think it is crazy-making but for me, it is not. I know some people who spend ages look at something like these homes for sale in greenville sc, I know others who fall in love with the first house they see. People take things at different rates, so moving house should be no different. It has been a couple of years now that I have not moved house. However, the thought of decorating a new space, despite the


Changes, Choices: And Their Consequences

Are You Committed? That title is not completely accurate. Rather, it is not complete. The editor’s guide recommended that it was the perfect length hence my cutting it short. Had that not been the case, the full title would have been “Changes, Choices And Their Consequences: Are You Committed?” Happy New Year dear Readers! I do hope that 2017 has started on the best note for you? It is now Day #6 of the New Year. Were you wondering whether this blog would reappear for 2017? Our last post was


Are You The Question?

It Will Not Go Away Amid the jokes, cake eating and general joviality of marking the fortieth year of my birth, below the surface of my smiles a question kept popping up in my head – begging my attention. Everyone reassured me that these will be the best years of my life and I believed them as these were people who had, as the saying goes, “been there, done that.” Why then was this question nagging me? Frankly, nothing had changed in my life physically up to that fateful day


Wisdom: The Evolution Of Life

Fact of Fiction? A couple quotes come to mind sitting here putting together today’s roundup of Weekday Wisdom to share with you. The first one is “Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life.”― Oscar Wilde Often pondering the true meaning of these words by Mr. Wilde, my thoughts go to another saying: “Be careful what you wish for as you might surely get it.”  Given my outlook on life, such sayings and quotes point me to the matter of focus – what things I am giving my attention


Satisfied Vs Settling: Same Or Different?

A New Thing… Since the start of the year, there has been a couple of changes on this blog, ones that I hope you are enjoying. Change is something that is completely embraced by me. In fact, I become quite restless when things become routine – whether that is in a job, a relationship, my weekly menu and even in my conversations and interaction with friends. Satisfied I am not with “sameness,” loving to be challenged, having something to learn and gaining new skills. Over the past six months of

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3 Leading Questions To Major Life Changes

Successful Boat Building We each model success according to the ideals we hold for our lives and against the standards set by the community, society and even country that we live in. Success is most often defined, delineated and described in terms of material belongings, what you are able to gather, how much you can spend, where and with whom you party and the job title more than the real function. If that “floats your boat,” as an old saying goes, then the last thing on my mind is to