Gang Life: Jermaine’s Journey

Help And Protect Jermaine saw Gwendolyn in the hall way and quickly ducked back into the classroom he had come out of. He had not seen her since the night that he had gone with Rafael to her house. He wanted to keep it that way. He did not condone what Raf had done, it was the opposite. He was embarrassed that he had been one of the guys helping Rafael break down her door. He never wanted to hit a woman. He had watched his mother being beaten by


Monkey And Bare Buttocks

This Week’s Thought Every week, I share a Jamaican proverb or saying that highlights or better yet underscores the general conversation of the month. Since the start of April, we have discussed life challenges – their many forms and how different people meet or even greet them. In my Tuesday Thought© video below and on my Facebook page, we are talking about a monkey and how it handles life challenges. Did you watch the last Tuesday Thought©? You can check it out here and be sure to subscribe and receive


Magical Or Miserable Life?

What Do You Think? Romantic I am. At least I think so. Maybe my exes would not agree. I do believe in things magical though. “Romanticizer” of life – not guilty on that score either. Wine me, dine me, make coffee for me and, best of all, have intelligent, witty, thought-provoking conversations with me and you will have me eating out of your hands. Well, metaphorically. You will at least have my keen interest. Tell me that all that glitters might very well be gold, that there is milk and


End To The Pain: 5 Affirmations

When Will It? There are events in our lives that in the moment of their “happening” we feel as if there will be no end to it. Nothing could be further than the truth. It might not end as quickly as you might like or want but end it will. In the meanwhile, as the storm is raging and until the eye passes you over, there is something to be learned, something that will transform you should you allow it. This week, as we continue to look at life challenges,


The Teacher Who Is Always There

Best Friends Gwendolyn was waiting for Lori outside their next class. It was biology, which bored her, so she did not mind being late. The teacher, Mr. Thomas, did not care as much about tardiness as Mrs. Wiles did so Gwendolyn would waltz in when she felt like it. She checked her phone, which she had managed to sneak past the metal detectors. There were 11 texts from her ex-boyfriend Rafael. She rolled her eyes and deleted them without even reading them. “Hey, you waited for me?” Lori asked her.


What To Do When Trouble Comes

Those Pesky Challenges “Wen trouble tek yu pickney shut fit yu!” Trouble – that is what the Jamaican saying I am discussing with you in Tuesday Thought© today covers. It is one of my favourites as it so succinctly describes your state of mind when a life challenge feels more than you can bear. Every Tuesday, I share a Jamaica proverb with you – did you catch last week’s? Preparing Tuesday Thought© earlier, it struck me that there was way more to this proverb. It is not uncommon to hear


Coping With The Death Of A Loved One

Private Suffering The ‘closest’ person to me to have died was my father. However, ‘close’ is a relative word as, up to his death in the early 1980’s, I had seen the man fewer times than the number of fingers on my hands. Harry Mac, as we affectionately called him, was an ex’s father and was more of a Dad to me than my own. He made his transition in the 1990’s. Publicly, I was stoic and, along with my ex, we planned and hosted the memorial to celebrate his

life challenges

The Wisdom In Life Challenges

One At A Time Life is full of it, is it not? Challenges that is – and that other thing as well. What to do? Keep moving. Life challenges will come and they will go. “But how?” you ask.  Years ago, a woman told me that while she was incarcerated (8+ years) she learned that she had to do better than take things one day at a time. To survive and even thrive during her sentence, she had to learn to take life as it came in every minute. If