Observing The Soul: 6 Cries For Recognition

More Care of The Soul Sunday – a new week has begun. So caught up with observing the ‘unfoldings’ that writing a post did not feel like the thing to do. “Observance of the soul can be deceptively simple. You take back what has been disowned. You work with what is, rather than with what you wish were there.”  Thomas Moore The book is Care Of The Soul and as shared the week before last, it is the one in my handbag.  Did you buy a copy? If not, get


99 Problems And You Gotta Embrace All Of Them

One Less Would you believe that my reading of the book, Enthusiasm Makes The Difference, is still in progress? It has been a few weeks now but this time around I am savouring every page of this masterpiece by Norman Vincent Peale. Sitting on the train every morning heading into downtown Edmonton is the only time that I read it. Being a morning person, that is when information, ideas and inspiration are best understood and discerned by me. So, as my mind mused about what the result of my recent

upside down

When My World Is Upside Down

The Mind Is Strange I searched the entire cupboard for my costume; where, oh where was it? Does this ever happen to you? Can you see something in your mind’s eye – but just cannot get the edges of the picture to focus and show you where it hides?  The mind is a strange place, beware! Most of it is upside down; it is exhaustive and vulnerable, stubborn as a mule! Just the other day, I spread jam over my eggs. Why did my mind not jump and scream, and

mental illness

Mental Illness Is Not Taken Seriously

Nobody Talks About It Among other recent college grads, I often hear jokes about the relevance of those pesky ‘Gen Eds.’ “I’m sure glad I know about trigonometry this tax season,” they say. “It’s a good thing I can map constellations, I just wish I knew how to change a flat tire.” Though I am so grateful for the knowledge I gained from my education, I can agree that there are times I wish I had learned things that have more practical applications. One of the biggest areas for improvement


Three Lives Touched By An Angel

Paying Respects Jermaine walked into the large cathedral downtown. As soon as he walked in he saw two familiar but older faces. It had been 15 years since he last set foot in that city but he remembered every street corner and sign that he passed. Nothing had changed there. Lori and Gwendolyn were talking quietly near the front pew and trying to avoid looking at the casket in the front. Their eyes were as bloodshot as his. They had been crying too. And though they were dressed head to


The Secrets That Dog Hair Covers

Long And Flowing Years ago, my then partner bought me a dog as a gift. It was the first time that I was the owner of a “pedigree” dog. There are lots of dogs in Jamaica and most run wild. So when this shitzu-mix was given to me, he thrilled me no end. That feeling heightened after his first grooming and his long hair glistened. It did not occur to me initially that he might have been quite hot and sweating beneath his coat in the tropical heat. His long


Security, Spouse Or Sex? Which Is #1?

Depends On Your Priority When this post on the three S’s, security, spouse and sex was first published in 2005, I was on a treadmill for a couple of years. No, not the one that customarily comes to mind, especially to you exercise buffs. Anyone who saw me then and even now, know that exercise has the least priority on my list – sad as that may be. Before those emails start coming, questioning me about my arguments for self-care – let me just say, “I know.” Ironically, at the


Challenges Women Face In Pakistan

A Global Issue, Actually Life is awesome, yet challenging for the women of the world. No matter where we live, women are the homemakers and the building blocks of any society. But unfortunately, no matter where we live around the globe, we have gender specific challenges to tackle. It may be outright gender discrimination to reduced employment opportunities to sexual harassment. The range of challenges that women face is globally common at one end of the spectrum and totally diverse and society specific on the other. I, being the Pakistani