Guilt Trap: How To Escape It

Main Course Growing up, there were certain foods on the menus that my mother cooked for us. Some were my favourites.  Ackee & saltfish (when she could afford the latter), curried chicken served with rice and peas and of course, oxtail and beans.  Jamaican cuisine, if I may say so, is quite enticing and these dishes are among the best tasting. However, there were other side dishes on my mother’s menu. The one that would stay on my palate for ages was guilt. Mind you, she was not a Catholic


My Living Shall Not Be In Vain

When We Were Young Are you living the life you consciously created? When we were young we were told that we could be anything we wanted if we just worked hard enough. I believed that probably more than anyone and held on to that illusion desperately for longer than I should. My first big dream was to be an archaeologist. I would dig in the sands of the Sahara, uncovering the secrets of ancient Egypt. Even now my heart skips a beat just thinking about that life. I wanted it


Weaning Is Not Just For Babies

Another Beginning Yesterday was my birthday and most of it was spent with an almost 20 month old toddler, however, that is not the reason weaning was on my mind.  On the eve of my 50th birthday in 2015, this subject was uppermost in my thoughts – how the weaning process is relevant to your and my life. So, instead of a Tuesday Thought© – a short video normally shared on the second day of the week, I thought to republish the following a day after my 51st birthday –


Filling The Dad-Sized Hole In Your Life

This Man I Call Dad It was just the three of us for as long as I can remember. The memories I have of a loving caring father are pieced together only from what my aunt has told me. Devoted in the first year of my twin sister and my life, the only year of my life that my parents were married, my Dad would hold us, feed us and play with us. But these fabricated memories are like pictures of me looking on at a man holding babies in

Bad Memories: How To ACT Them Out

They Will Come Sitting at home alone, tapping away at the several devices that surrounded me, television playing in the background as often happens on a Sunday morning. Lonely is not something that I ever am. In fact, my own company is the one that is most preferable to me. My daughter often teases me about being single for so long, living alone for years now and how will that impact my ever entering another live-together relationship. She is more concerned whether as the years pass will my memories and

Are Your Demons Haunting Your Daughter?

Connecting Daily Every morning, except for her days off, my daughter calls me around 7:30 and then again around 8:45 just before she steps into her workplace. Our conversations cover the extremely important issues of the world to the mundane. This relationship with my daughter, this closeness took years to cultivate. There was a time not so long ago when it seemed as if we would never regain our connection, when we were so estranged, at opposites as she fought me to become the woman she is today. We always

3 Tips To Mastering Direction Changes

Your Mission Direction was never something I struggled with. By the time I was 7 years old, I had already decided to become an Egyptologist. My scholastic and geographic decisions from then on were based on that idea. I took French starting in the 6th grade because I knew that it was one of the three main languages spoken in Egypt. I read books, watched movies and documentaries and when it was time for university, I enrolled at the American University in Cairo. Up until I stepped onto the plane,

let go

Letting Go: A Roundup Of How To’s

What We Know For Sure A few weeks ago, one of my best friends and I quite accidentally came up on the topic of letting go. There really are no accidents so let me correct that. We were discussing doing cross promotion of her and her husband’s radio show and this blog. Beverly Sukie-Martin and her husband are no strangers to these virtual pages as I have featured them in an earlier post on “A Love Like This.” Their love story has inspired me from the first time that I