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How To Be In Partnership With Your Mate

What Are We? What is your understanding of the word “partnership” whether in a business or romantic context? The Free Dictionary has this definition for those in business partnership: “An association of two or more persons engaged in a business enterprise in which the profits and losses are shared proportionally. The legal definition of a partnership is generally stated as “an association of two or more persons to carry on as co-owners a business for profit.” Having posed that question, I did a Google search for the word. Funny enough

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7 Things Women Want From Men

Men Seem Not To Know What do women want in their relationships with men? So often some men can be heard lamenting that they have no idea what women really want. Well, A start would be to keep their private parts trimmed or maybe even willing to use the Depilatory Complete Guide to great effect. Writing from a woman’s perspective, guys tend to believe women want too much. I vehemently believe, without reserve, that some men clearly do not understand our intricacies and complex mental makeup. That is it! But

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Fire Sticks: What To Do With Them?

Tuesday Thought© Although my early twenties were spent in the very cold capital of the Ukraine, I only had the pleasure once to sit around a fireplace. My recollection is that it was an electric one. Living in Canada now for 15 years, I have had the distinct pleasure of basking in the glow of both electric and wood burning fireplaces. The first time that I had to actually get the latter started is material for another post. Today’s conversation on fire sticks have more to do with matters of


Interracial Couples Are Everywhere

Our World Is Blending This one is personal. It is intimate on many levels. Who knows, it may even be controversial. Revised and edited somewhat, this post on interracial relationships was first published in 2014 on my former blog. At the time the original was published, my status was married. We were discussing in a series how the world and its human inhabitants are “intermingling,” might we say? The conversation remains very relevant today as we see an increase in ‘mixed race’ relationships. From personal experience, I can tell you


Stop Chasing, Let It Come To You!

Lesson Learned One thing I no longer do – chasing people or anything. It was a favourite pastime of mine years ago but after falling flat on my face, bursting my lips and having my face smashed in – literally and figuratively – I stopped. As we continue the conversation about intimate relationships, today’s post is one that was published on one of my former blogs and, with some minor editing and updating, it is shared with you to explore another aspect of this topic. The Chasing Game “You have


Intimacy: What Does It Mean To You?

Lost Meaning That word is used a lot on television and in the movies. Maybe it is just me but I believe that the word intimacy has lost its meaning. Now, mainly used as a euphemism for sex, intimacy seems to be sought after for all the wrong reasons and from all the wrong people. Some of us have looked for intimacy too quickly from paramours or friends that ended up stabbing us in the back or pushing us away. Some of us are desperate for intimacy yet remain guarded,


Bittersweet: A Tasty Experience

Troubling Words Some words simply cause me problems and quite often downright grief. Over my years of blogging on and off, I have shared a few of those. “Responsibility,” and “Surrender,” come to mind. Bittersweet is another. The trouble I have had with these words had to do with interpretation. Fact is, everyone brings their life story to bear on the way they use certain words or phrases. For some, ‘responsibility’ means doing the right thing for other people. At the same time, it could very well mean (as I