Interracial Couples Are Everywhere

Our World Is Blending This one is personal. It is intimate on many levels. Who knows, it may even be controversial. Revised and edited somewhat, this post on interracial relationships was first published in 2014 on my former blog. At the time the original was published, my status was married. We were discussing in a series how the world and its human inhabitants are “intermingling,” might we say? The conversation remains very relevant today as we see an increase in ‘mixed race’ relationships. From personal experience, I can tell you


Married But Alone? What Went Wrong?

Single Life Might Have Been Better There are two Jamaica proverbs or sayings about relationships and being married that really appeal to me for different reasons.  When I was about 10 or so years old, Jamaica’s National Folk Singers came to my school – well a section of the group. One of the many songs they did stuck with me for many years and after every breakup, it would come to mind and roll off my lips only to be forgotten as soon as another potential partner caught my attention:


Intimacy: What Does It Mean To You?

Lost Meaning That word is used a lot on television and in the movies. Maybe it is just me but I believe that the word intimacy has lost its meaning. Now, mainly used as a euphemism for sex, intimacy seems to be sought after for all the wrong reasons and from all the wrong people. Some of us have looked for intimacy too quickly from paramours or friends that ended up stabbing us in the back or pushing us away. Some of us are desperate for intimacy yet remain guarded,