9 Things I’ve Learned So Far This Year

Life Classes Celebrating a milestone birthday, one would think that the particular year would be the most informative. Well, turns out that the year after is the one that I learned some new lessons. Truth be told, some of them were retakes, re-do’s or reinforcement ‘classes’. While I love [most] Millennials that have crossed my path, some are obnoxious in their belief that they know everything. In my late 20’s, I too thought there was nothing else to learn. Guess it is the idealism of youth that one thinks being


Fitness Goals: Striving Towards Them

The Most Popular Promise I know the most popular New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and get fit. It is also the one that most people give up the quickest. But this past winter I hit my heaviest weight of my life. And I was farthest from my fitness goal. Though I was still working out and eating “healthy-ish” I got to the point where I was uncomfortable in my skin. To get into the best shape possible and be healthy, you may want consider some Fitness Trainers, in


I Promise: To Take Chances

Mid-Year Reflection To say that the first half of this year was eventful would be a huge understatement. After realizing that I would not be returning to grad school in the Fall of 2015, I started feel like my purpose in life was more elusive than ever. I have spent the past four months trying to weed out my other interests (there are many) and figure out which could be the basis of a satisfying career. Taking chances was what came to mind. It has been hard, scary, trying and


Farewell And Hello New Beginnings

Friends and Readers After contributing to Claudette’s website for almost a year, I have just submitted to her my last article. It is a bittersweet thing, as most things seem to be when we say farewell. On the one hand, I will miss the incredibly eager and supportive group of readers that have embraced me and my musings here. I have loved reading your opinion and advice, receiving your praise as well as contemplating your different opinions. I have never come across a community of readers that is so intent


3 Roadblocks To An Awesome 2016

2016 Boot Camp Christmas has not arrived yet and Thanksgiving (in the United States) is still a week or so away. Then why have we leapfrogged to talking about the New Year? There are two reasons for that. The first is your point that we are 50+ days away from 2016 so there are many opportunities for you to achieve the intentions you set for 2015. My second reason for using today’s conversation, which is usually wellness-related, to talk about 2016 is that this is a great time to start

2015: Your Year In Review, So Far

Taking Stock Every Monday, sometimes we do it on a Tuesday depending on the schedule, my Team members and I meet to review the previous week’s achievements, any news that might impact our work and the goals for the current week. Although the organization that employs me to supervise, manage and lead its customer service team has been around for such a long time, this weekly review that I initiated was a new experience for the group. Some weeks, it is a quick conversation but other times we can spend