Clarity From Chaos: Free Yourself!

The Paradox It is funny how you can experience such joy and pride in one aspect of your life – like I did that day when three out of my four presentations went very well. And then there can be near chaos in another aspect of your life – like this woman trying to ease her way into my personal space. What is more magnificent about life is finding people who want to walk the course with you – seeing your flaws but loving you nevertheless – for however long


350 Million People Have It, Don’t Be One Of Them! Friday Roundup News

Thank God It’s Friday, For Real! Who else is happy it is Friday? I love every day of the week but this Friday will get the reward for waking me up with the biggest smile on my face! No, there was no early morning action going on in my bedroom, well other than me kicking off the blanket and screaming in ecstasy, “Yes, it’s Friday!!!” I love my job and look forward to going in to work every day. The team that I have the awesome responsibility to lead has