Whatever Your Past, Be Your Own Woman Today

Looking Back This weekend, I returned to my past – in terms of my hair. Over the last almost nine years, at least twice hundreds possibly thousands of dollars left my pocket to maintain a particular hairstyle. In my youth, chemically processing seemed the only option but as times changed a large group of people of African heritage decided, “Enough!” We were done trying to fit into a model that was not natural to us. Being as particular as I am about a neat appearance when it comes to hairstyles,

Wanted: A Man To Pay The Bills

Money Talk And… There are mornings when there is no post idea and no articles from the Contributors. Then, as my fingers hit the keyboard, sentences begin to flow. Today’s conversation about “Wanted: Man To Pay The Bills,” is different as this was a planned post, one that I asked three of our female Contributors to take part in creating. We have talked about money, finances, relationships and even sex generally and sex in the context of those who sell it. Depending on your perspective – a conversation about whether