Believe It Or Not: We Are One

History Repeating Itself Recent events in Orlando, Florida caused many reactions around the world. It took me back to an article that I wrote and published in 2005 on the subject of us being one. That piece, which was entitled “Threatened Species: People of Colour, LGTBQ and Women,” told the story about discrimination, prejudice and narrow-mindedness negatively affecting the lives of too many. Never one to deal the race card or promote my own sexual orientation, it was difficult to avoid sharing my thoughts then and now about developments that

international men's day

International Men’s Day: Let’s Celebrate

Why Not? Last year was the first time International Men’s Day came on my radar. There was and remains much debate, at least in some circles, whether we need to observe such a day. In my post on my former blog on the subject, my view was that not only should we observe the day but we should celebrate it. Why not? Many reasons have been put forward why it is an unnecessary observation. The most overriding and compelling, to some, is that in our world structure and systems it

A Guide To Sexual Wellness: On Becoming Human

Straight Talk On Sexuality Sex and sexuality are taboo subjects in many sections of our societies. It most certainly is not in this corner. Sexual wellness is a matter that was not discussed in my house although my mother was quite forwarding thinking on the subject. If my memory serves me correctly, one of my birthday gifts, when I turned seven years old, was a copy of the book, “On Becoming A Woman.” My mother said she was preparing me for the world, however, aside from handing me the book