Week’s News Roundup – The Best And The Most Madding

Weekly Roundup What a week it has been – chock-full of news, some that got me and many others mad. Others were great for comic relief and then there were the informative bits, particularly for women’s health. Friday is my lazy day of the week. I go to my paid job earlier in the day and there is only one post here. This is it – the Weekly Roundup post, in which we highlight the happenings in the news that puts a cap on the week as well as point

The Scourge of Homelessness

There’s An App For That When I first saw the release about this app, tears actually came to my eyes – “WeShelter App – Tap To Help The Homeless.” My love affair with the Internet started many, many years ago and as I shared on my former blog, my “first” was a massive desktop – laptops were not even conceived yet – with a black screen and orange typeface. It was an hand-me-down computer from my then partner’s sister. The love was instant and hardly anything could drag me away

Wednesday Women’s News: Jobless, Homeless & Being French

Les Belles Femmes Françaises Let us begin with the last one first. Good morning all! Are you French or know someone who was born French? My particular interest today is on French women – gorgeous creatures that they are. Stereotyping is a game for some. It is one that has been played with people like me – black women. First, the important descriptor – “black” – is not my favourite but the other option, the “N” word is not even on the table. No one uses the “N” word in