Home Is Where The Heart Is

The Red, Yellow And Orange Sky My father built a cottage on a narrow strip of land and surrounded by a calm, blue ocean. He made our cottage with wood; brown, teak and heavy. The doors were painted red, the roof was white. On the roof, my father built a nest. It was a sturdy, wooden nest; a lookout, the perfect picnic spot. This was home. This is why I will forever love cottage style homes and want one for myself in the future if I was given the right


Taking Back Our Hidden Paradise

The Greedy It seems like it was just yesterday. The sand on the hidden beach was soft, clean and white; the ocean majestic, powerful and pure.  Wild trees grew wherever they liked and exotic flowers bloomed. And on this – my home – descended a business tycoon. He came, saw and bought. The coral, the sea shells and the lives of the crabs that scuttled across the beach became his. He captured the blue parrots, the yellow songbirds – he bought them all. Hidden Alas! How greedy he was! He