christmas gift

A Very Special Christmas Gift

Is This It? Monday night my world went dark. Two weeks after my second eye surgery, my new lens were acting up and the pain over my right eye was excruciating. A call earlier in the day to my surgeon’s office resulted in an emergency appointment. Granted, their idea of urgent was different from mine as he does clinic in the afternoons only. Hardly able to see, knowing that whatever was the problem it would not be seen to until the next afternoon and having popped more painkillers than is

christmas greetings

Christmas Greetings From Us To You

Our Similarities, Not Our Differences By now, you all might be so tired of me saying this is the most wonderful time of the year. Does it mean that everything is perfect in your or my life? No, it simply means I am grateful to be here; to be walking, talking, seeing (with some challenges after my surgery) and happy to be sending you Christmas greetings. Not all of us writing and contributing to this blog celebrate Christmas but we all celebrate life, love, friendship and community. We all hope