Fashion: Our Christmas Collection

The F’s Words Family, friends, food and fashion — well, that is the order for some. Others would include faith and that could come anywhere in the order. Faith is the reason for the season and to that we could add fellowship – with family, friends, neighbours and the people we meet along the way. And where better for this fellowship to take place than gathered at the table for wonderful meals – well dressed? Over the last few weeks, we have focused on posts that are Christmas-related and today


Emptying Yourself This Holiday Season

A New Christmas Practice Ten years ago, during my studies for a theological degree at a Catholic university, a very interesting word became a part of my vocabulary. Its meaning was well-known to me – emptying – but the beauty of the word made me pay way more attention. “Kenosis” came to have special meaning for the many years following. To this day it is something that has become a habit, even though there are times that I must admit to resisting. The word, as described by an online source, 


Dear Santa: My 3 Christmas Wishes

As The Music Plays It is that time of year again. Lists are getting long and commercials seem to be pushing every luxury and contraption you can imagine. I will not lie to you, I do have some of those doodads on my list but as the Christmas season nears, I find myself not only daydreaming about my expected presents but also about the other things that no one could buy me. As I look back over the last year, I could not quite describe it as happy or sad


Thanksgiving Traditions We Created

No Two Are The Same It is funny to think about Thanksgiving traditions. Growing up, no Thanksgiving was the same. Some years we would spend it with our extended family, some years it was just the three of us. My mom, my twin sister and me. Sometimes we cooked and sometimes we went out. Of course my twin sister and I always wanted a nice traditional meal that you see in the movies with the family around the table and a huge meal. But my mother was not all that