Stressed? 6 Ways To Reduce It

Live Healthier Naturally Do you feel stressed out, pretty much exhausted and sometimes even very weak? If your answer is yes, that may mean that you are starting to burn out. There are many obligations and tasks that you have to carry out but there is simply no time for everything. Your organism inevitably suffers because of that but there are ways to fix that. You may decide that you would rather go down the uncoventional route of releasing any stress that you are feeling. Some people like to take

Relationship Tips For Single Women

Relationships And Men Today and tomorrow, business on this blog will be handled by our men – Robert Turner and then Michael H. Ballard. Both gentlemen will be looking at “R” words, coincidentally. Michael will give us another look at Resiliency tomorrow when he shares a story of one of his earliest teachers on the topic. Robert will turn his attention and bring ours to the male perspective on relationships, specifically dating. With more and more people in the United States, and I think it would be a true assessment

101 Ways To Wellness: End Prescription Drug Problem

America’s Unwellness Before anyone gets angry or peeved at me, let me quickly state that I am not picking on or pointing fingers at Americans. They are Canada’s neighbour to the South and they were and remain somewhat of  a “Big Brother,” to my country of birth, Jamaica. The reason for highlighting America’s drug problem – prescription drug problem – in this post is simple. What has been happening and continues to occur among the US population when it comes to prescription medication can and will be replicated all over