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10 Crazy Easy Ways To Wellness

Move That Body For most people, the choice to be healthy and active is harder than copping out and hitting a drive-thru on the way home. After a long day at work, going to the gym can seem incredibly daunting. But in addition to those pivotal choices, there are small, simple choices you may not even realize  you are being presented with throughout the day to improve your wellness. These little things can add up to make a big difference over time. So here are some ways to grab extra

10 Nudges To Get You Motivated To Workout

Don’t Shame, Motivate When it comes to working out, no one knows better than you do how to motivate yourself. Maybe you spread your bikini on the bead and stare wistfully at it while killing yourself on the treadmill. Maybe you turn on the Victoria Secret Fashion Show while frantically doing sit-ups. Or maybe you have found a way to pump yourself up than tearing yourself down? Rather than being motivating, shaming our current bodies while striving for a healthier one is counter-productive. If you want to build good life

In Your 20’s? Here Are 10 Ways To Prep For Menopause Now

Prepping for the Big M I remember sitting in a developmental psychology class in my sophomore year of college and hearing my suspiciously Freudian-looking professor assure us that we were in the prime of our lives-young, healthy, strong, energetic-during our twenties, these things are at their peak. Rather than satisfaction, I felt absolute horror-the twenties were the golden years?! How could it all be downhill after that? It seemed unfair to get only a decade to enjoy only to start falling apart after that. That same year, I was at


Embracing Life’s Moments – One Vision At A Time

Saturdays With Mahalia My Saturday date will be arriving soon. It is about 1:00 in the morning and sleep has eluded me. Actually, it tried to come upon me but my head is full of ideas for articles, features and stories that I would like the Contributors to help me bring to you. Most of the day was spent nursing a headache, one that came upon me after spending many hours on Thursday at the eye surgeon’s office having pre-op tests done. Yes, my eyesight has been affected due to

3 Women’s Health Issues You Need To Know!

Women Stuff Throwback Thursday and my memory goes to an apparatus that I and many women might never use again in this lifetime. A douche. Excuse my manners for first not saying good morning. “Good morning, friends!” The Dreaded Douche When my professional life took me to the prison system here in Canada, it was there that I first heard “douchebag,” being used as an insult – or description of the ugliest of personalities. Thinking about it now, I can see how it fits that use as my feelings about