Emptiness: Sign of Emotional Trauma

Meeting Emptiness The first time my inner emptiness was visible to me was looking at a photograph of myself taken at my fifth birthday party. There I was, standing on a chair between my half-brother, who was about to cut the cake with me, and another child whose name I could not recall. This was a supposedly a happy moment. My mother had marked my birth since the first year with these parties. They had become a tradition, one that she would keep up until my 16th year. The picture

Letting Go: Is It Too Late? A Short Story

Ghosts From My Past A woman is pursuing me. She will not let up. Try as I may to give her the cold shoulders, she ‘attacks’ from another angle. We met again by chance and although my pulse raced with joy initially, my desire was to take things slowly. She waited for a few months and then she struck. “It’s time to talk,” was the sum of her very public message. Angry that she aired our business so publicly on Facebook and without my consent, I shot back a long