Name Someone Who Makes You Happy

An Inside Job Is that an accurate question – that someone could make you happy? Often we hear that happiness is an inside job, which leads me to wonder whether my own question is nonsensical. Yesterday, out of the blue I called up my daughter and invited her out on a road trip. Immediately. Well after she dropped off the baby at daycare. That meant we had about eight hours to go be happy together. And we were as we drove and finally ended up at the lake. Very recently,


Happy? What Is Stopping You?

You Can Be Right Now Woke up around 4:15 a.m. and, as is now a practice of mine, I rolled around in my bed, rubbing my feet back and forth along the Egyptian cotton sheet, hugged a couple of pillows tightly and snuggled under the comforter and said, “I am happy, blessed and grateful for everything and in every way today!” Yes, it might sound corny, trite and even trivial to some of you reading this but happiness really is your choice. For so many years of my life, in


350 Million People Have It, Don’t Be One Of Them! Friday Roundup News

Thank God It’s Friday, For Real! Who else is happy it is Friday? I love every day of the week but this Friday will get the reward for waking me up with the biggest smile on my face! No, there was no early morning action going on in my bedroom, well other than me kicking off the blanket and screaming in ecstasy, “Yes, it’s Friday!!!” I love my job and look forward to going in to work every day. The team that I have the awesome responsibility to lead has

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Dignity: You Either Have It Or Need It!

Previously published on July 22, 2014 You Are More Than Your Relationships No relationship, none, should require you to surrender, suppress or suffocate your dignity.” Claudette Esterine An absolute statement and I am standing by it. Not your relationship with your parents, siblings, relatives, friends, co-workers, employer, neighbours, pastor … should I go on? No relationship, especially the one with the person you probably are with most and definitely most intimate – your lover, husband, wife, partner or spouse – should compromise your dignity. Defined in the dictionary as “the

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You Too Can Be Happy In 3 Steps

It Comes From Within “…If you think you need sound bites to inspire your work, then you’re in the wrong line of work. If your work doesn’t inspire you, you owe it to yourself to search for work that does. And searching for quotes to keep your spirits up is like filling a bottomless pit with a few grains of sand. Happiness comes only from within.” Steve Tobak Last Motivational Monday the difference between motivation and inspiration was discussed here and without belaboring the point, we return somewhat to that

Motivational Monday Happiness Report

Happiest Countries In The World The World Happiness Report is out and I am pleased, very happy and overjoyed to say that I am living in of the six happiest countries in the world – Canada. “In the report, ‘happiness’ is the term researchers use to refer to subjective well-being, which is influenced by factors like physical health, financial security and social support systems. Well-being was measured through an individual assessment of quality of life: participants were asked to evaluate their lives on a scale from zero (worst possible life)