Greed: How Is It Serving You?

More Than Needed “Greed: a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (as money) than is needed.” Okay, let us be honest. We all would be pretty stoked if we got extra money or extra clothes or more jewelry, right? Of course. It is very natural for us to get excited when we have more than we need. We all want to be comfortable and have wiggle room to buy that new couch or move into that gorgeous loft downtown. But are we greedy based on that? No. Phew!


Insignificant Things You Should Be Grateful For

They Are Countless Those who have Liked my Facebook page would have read in one of my several daily posts that I no longer name myself as a Christian. That, however, does not disallow being grateful for some of the most healing, soul-fulfilling hymns and songs. Of particular value to me has been gospel. Hezekiah Walker, a well-known gospel singer and church leader, several songs that have accompanied me across some turbulent crossings. On the other side of those tides, this song is was always on my lips: I am

Tap Into Your Gratefulness Force In 3 Steps

Practice Being Grateful Previously published on September 4, 2014 “Gratitude brings light into our hearts spread warmth throughout our bodies and radiate positive energy into the world. The more we consciously and consistently grow in our practice of gratitude, the more benefits we will experience.” Michele  Wahlder “Practice makes perfect.” How often have we heard this saying?  I say it very often to my son and every time that I do he asks me what does it mean. We would not get far if we did not practice whatever tasks