Before I Die: 5 Life Lessons For My Granddaughter

Mahalia, My Kitten When this was first published, my granddaughter, Mahalia was almost 14-months old.  On July 1, 2014, she made a premature entrance and turned all our worlds around. No one would have convinced me that the day would come when I would be so in love with a grandchild. However, my Kitten, as I have called her since first seeing that ultrasound snapshot of her, has stolen, wrapped up and secured my heart. Due to her young age, genius as she might seem, I am sure Kitten will

1 New And 2 Old-School Saturday Morning Cartoons

Blessings of Grandchildren Regular readers know that my life elevated to a previously unimagined level of my when my granddaughter arrive last year Canada Day – July 1. Mahalia was born prematurely. She was five weeks early and later reports from the obstetrician-surgeon were that had we brought my daughter into the hospital even one day later, we would have lost Li-Li. That would have been more than anyone of us could bear and it would have also been a continuing of a cycle in my family, on my mother’s

The Sweetness of Canada Day

Canada Day Unexpected Arrival One year ago, on  this day, my granddaughter arrived prematurely. According to the lead obstetrician-surgeon who visited with us later that day, had my daughter not come into the hospital when she did, it would have been a different kind of Canada Day for us. Thankfully we had the good sense to go to the Emergency Room at the Royal Alexandra Hospital here in Edmonton, Alberta when we did. Abigail, my daughter, would not have been the first in our family to have lost a child

Canada Day News

Oh Canada We migrated to Canada almost 13 years ago and became citizens exactly four years later. Our decision to migrate were few, high on the list was the economy, education and equality. It would take me close to nine of those 13 years to begin to feel less of a tourist and more of a citizen of Canada, fully participating, accessing and contributing to the economy and the educational system. The last reason for coming here has been a mixed bag and thirteen years later, Canada and I are