A Different Kind Of Giving

Today Is Giving Tuesday The year 2008 was a different one for me. Just over two years had passed since just about everything that had meant so much to me lost their significance, including Christmas traditions and giving to others. Only my daughter and my writing brought me any real joy. Back then, I often did not have a clue what the topic of my next post on my former blog would be. There was no list of ideas that I could just go to and retrieve a story. Life

The Gift of Giving & How To Stop Giving A Shit

The Gift of Giving Christmas is viewed by many as the best, and for some people the only, time to give. A few years ago, I stopped giving Christmas gifts. Some new friends of mine thought that very strange of me when they were told in no uncertain term not to buy me any gifts for Christmas. I made it very clear that I was not buying them any either. Not sure that they took me seriously, until Christmas morning when there was nothing under the tree for them from