Do You Know Who Your Friends Are?

Social Media Changed Everything Facebook has made everyone friends but are they really? What does being someone’s friend really means to you? My mother did not have many friends and, for very different reasons, I am along that same path. With the advent of social media and the loose understanding of the word, many have given second thought to the meaning of friendship. Since this relationship status changed on Facebook, I have revisited how I use it. Who Are Your Friends? “A friend is someone who knows all about you


Stop Chasing, Let It Come To You!

Lesson Learned One thing I no longer do – chasing people or anything. It was a favourite pastime of mine years ago but after falling flat on my face, bursting my lips and having my face smashed in – literally and figuratively – I stopped. As we continue the conversation about intimate relationships, today’s post is one that was published on one of my former blogs and, with some minor editing and updating, it is shared with you to explore another aspect of this topic. The Chasing Game “You have


You Don’t Have To Accept Being Taken For Granted!

Stop Being A Sucker For Pain! Earlier this year, a version of this article was posted on my former blog. I decided to revive and republish it as a two-part series due to the amount of comments and questions received in response to it. In our morning post, I covered the question of you taking others for granted, especially your employer. Check it out here as it is always important to remember that we get what we give. Claiming victim status without checking our own behaviour and role in the