Do You Know Who Your Friends Are?

Social Media Changed Everything Facebook has made everyone friends but are they really? What does being someone’s friend really means to you? My mother did not have many friends and, for very different reasons, I am along that same path. With the advent of social media and the loose understanding of the word, many have given second thought to the meaning of friendship. Since this relationship status changed on Facebook, I have revisited how I use it. Who Are Your Friends? “A friend is someone who knows all about you

How To Pick Your ‘AIM’ Team

Surround Yourself With Champions People come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime…” “Don’t mix seasonal people with lifetime expectations.” These are a couple advice offered to me and now I am passing on to you as part of my “Breaking Loose Series”. That series will soon be published in an eBook and made available to Subscribers only. In the meantime, let this serve as a reminder that not everyone batting, catching or playing mid-field is meant to stay either in that position or on your team

Top 3 Wellness Concerns For Mothers

Wellness And Your Circle Circles of influence and your wellness, that is where our spotlight is targetted today.  Psychologists, sociologists and other such learned folks have done the research and for some time now they have reported to us that those in our lives who actively influence our thoughts, choices and behaviour affect our wellness. Some researchers this year announced that they will be taking their investigation further and have developed a smart phone app and wearable monitoring technology that will measure, over a four-year period, the relationship between social