Whatever Your Past, Be Your Own Woman Today

Looking Back This weekend, I returned to my past – in terms of my hair. Over the last almost nine years, at least twice hundreds possibly thousands of dollars left my pocket to maintain a particular hairstyle. In my youth, chemically processing seemed the only option but as times changed a large group of people of African heritage decided, “Enough!” We were done trying to fit into a model that was not natural to us. Being as particular as I am about a neat appearance when it comes to hairstyles,


I Promise: To Be Fully Free

Mission Accomplished It is one of the many promises to myself that I have kept: to be fully free. Now 51 years old, my journey has taken me across many of the places that we call countries. This is the best time of my life. The period of full personal freedom. This was a promise made to myself six years ago. At the time, my blog was hosted elsewhere and under a different name. The article that I wrote highlighting this promise is republished today as part of our current

Weekly Roundup: “Let Freedom Reign”

The Right To Live “When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.”  ― Nelson Mandela Not all truth is comfortable. One such is the truth, the deepest truth about a most precious “commodity” for some and a way of being taken for granted by others. Freedom. Whether the late Nelson Mandela was being inclusive in the statement quoted above or he was speaking to his personal history will not be debated. What is important is


Are You Enjoying Personal Freedom Where You Live?

Free To Be The end of a long, peaceful and restful Labour Day weekend and every minute of it was enjoyed and savoured – at least in my household of one. One of the many things that was accomplished was simply relaxing. Two days and minimal ‘work’ was done here, aside from posting one article a day, including yesterday’s, Katelyn Roth’s on “5 Ways To Split Expenses Without Splitting Up.” Surprisingly, that post had me thinking about personal freedom – what it means and how does one achieve it. Is