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Try A Pakistani Dish This Holiday

Co-Existing With Differences Today we live in a world united and polarized at the same time. Where globalization unites us, there the differences in skin color, creed, nationality and religion erect unseen barriers. Amidst the grey clouds of disparity, the sane and lovely exist who promote the co-existence of cultures and find great common grounds to enjoy each others cultural festivities. There is no better common ground than food including the seeming exotic and not to mention the festive foods.  You are invited to try a Pakistani dish this holiday!

Saturday News: Same-Sex Marriage & Other Celebrations

Sleepy Saturdays Saturdays is my sleep-in day – if you call not getting up until 6:00 a.m. sleeping in. This Saturday is already turning out to be a busy one with errands to run, babysitting Kitten, my granddaughter, for a few hours and all the news to cover before getting both of those done. She will be one-year-old on Canada Day and we are in the throes of planning the celebration of her early arrival. Right in the middle of that will be Independence Day in the USA so, continuing

3 Delicious Food News You Should Know

Another beautiful Saturday and top of the list to do is grocery shopping. Before you head out today, here are three delicious bits of food news that might enhance your shopping experience. When you do go grocery shopping, don’t forget to take your American Express blue cash card with you to pay! If you forget it, you might miss out on some pretty good rewards… Wasting Food Years ago, I was shocked to learn that grocery stores and restaurants in North America and Europe could not legally feed the hungry

Saturday: Bruce Jenner As Caitlyn And Beautiful Dishes

Frankly, it matters not to me whether Bruce Jenner is a man, woman or transgender. Hope that last noun (is it a noun) does not offend a community that I love dearly. See that is exactly the problem. When we start labelling people and attempt to stick them in normative boxes. That is why Caitlyn‘s first public appearance was such news, almost turning the little chick – Twitter – into a clucking hen! What you do in your life, particularly in your bedroom, is none of my or anyone else’s business.