5 Ways To Split Expenses Without Splitting Up

Living Together Means Splitting Everything However we may like to think about it, living with a Significant Other is different from living with a roommate. Oftentimes, roommates are brought together by common denominators, such as being students or working jobs with salaries that prevent them from living alone. With a partner, though, we have (or think we have) more say over how things around the house should go—it is not “your room” and “my room,” “your space” and “my space,” everything is “ours.” Ours. Our couch, our room, our swelling

In The News: Money, Marathon and Mindfulness

Age is but a number or so the saying goes. If you are like me and have arrived at the ripe “old age” of 50, it will cross your mind if this is it? Is the end of this ride just around the corner? Harriette Thompson, the 92-year old who completed the San Diego Marathon, setting a new record, is drumming a resounding “No!” It is much, way much more to do, see and be. Life has much, way much more to do, see and be – even with a