Time To Choose What You Will Serve: Fear Or Faith?

Are These ‘The End Times’? As a civilization, as nations, as citizens of this world, it seems we have come to one of those times in history when we have to choose. Many will testify, every pun intended, that there is only one choice – God. They will try to convince you that these are the “end times!” Funny enough, there might very well be those who are not God-minded, “the liberals,” who have the same opinion. The massive influx of refugees across Europe mainly but elsewhere as well was


Settling: Is There Any Time It’s Okay?

Not A Break Up But A Shake Up “Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to shake us awake and help us see we are worth so much more than we’re settling for.” Mandy Hale That I know is true! Many of you reading those opening words from Mandy Hale might assume that they refer only to the heartbreak of an intimate relationship ending. However, it is applicable to just about every heartbreak imaginable. The loss of a job or even the end of a career that you worked years to climb

Fear: A SWAP Tactic To Overcome It

Out of Control My heart picked up speed, faster than Joey Logano on the Kansas speedway. It had gotten under my hood and my pulse was beating so rapidly, I was sure my veins would burst. Hardly able to breathe, I reached for the rear view mirror of my truck and spun it so hard towards me that it almost broke off. Checking my eyes to see whether a capillary or two had burst, oozing blood and turning my yes red as it had done before, I was happy to