Filling The Dad-Sized Hole In Your Life

This Man I Call Dad It was just the three of us for as long as I can remember. The memories I have of a loving caring father are pieced together only from what my aunt has told me. Devoted in the first year of my twin sister and my life, the only year of my life that my parents were married, my Dad would hold us, feed us and play with us. But these fabricated memories are like pictures of me looking on at a man holding babies in


Top 2 Reasons Why Men Fear Becoming Dads

Wanna Have A Baby? To be a dad or not to be a dad – remains one of the ultimate life questions. For men at least. We have all seen that look that flits across a woman’s face when she sees another woman and her newborn baby in the park and her thoughts goes to having a baby of her own. For men, it is a little different. Becoming a dad takes a lot of thought and every man has fears that need to be smoldered before he can take

Parenting While Divorced

Those Pesky “D” Words Throwback Thursday and we are going back to a March day in the 1980’s when I first walked down the aisle. Two words do not scare me. One because I know that it is inevitable and the other because I have been around that block a couple times. Death does not scare me – not anymore. For years it did but after spending many nights at the bedside of patients, even holding their hands, as they made their transition, being in a hospital morgue preparing a

Sunday News: Father’s Day Life Lessons & Bras

Happy Father’s Day Some fathers could probably teach you a thing or two about push-up bras. Most certainly me, who recently started buying them as my girls need the boost. Happy Father’s Day you learned gentlemen, teachers, counsellors, protectors and guides! May your day be as you imagined and more! Let us get this bra issue out-of-the-way then focus on the meat and potatoes of today. Guide To Push-Up Bras Saw this hilarious piece on push-up bras and thought – “Hamm, this is not only informative and funny, but some

Saturday News: It’s Still Raining Men!

Man Day Bet you are thinking by now what happened here? You thought this blog is mainly by women (and one man) for women. Did you forget the part that says “and for the people who love them?” So, the focus is still on the men in most of your lives – the Fathers, the Dads, the husbands, brothers and friends who will have their day tomorrow – Father’s Day. Summer Body Before we get to them though, here is something you might be interested in as you spruce up the

In The News: Fatherhood Is Getting A Makeover

Father’s Day 2015 Father’s Day is three ‘sleeps’ away and the excitement is mounting as fatherhood is getting a makeover. Maybe the birth of my granddaughter almost a year ago (Canada Day) has mellowed my heart about Father’s Day. Watching Kitten with her Dad, his involvement in her life, his tenderness towards her and his ferocious protection of her open a new vista for me. Growing up fatherless, my understanding of having a daddy was skewed. On the ‘mentionable’ side – a father was the man who I longed for, just