Motivational Monday: Women’s Empowerment, Humility & Grace

Post Father’s Day Reality Back to the core issues – women matters – this Motivational Monday. Something tells me, however, that it might not all be peaches and cream after a great celebration of Father’s Day. Opened my alerts this morning to find a few stories debating whether women’s empowerment is such a great thing after all. My first reaction, just after reading the headlines, was dismay. “Here they go again, these men, trying to put women back in the kitchen,” I thought. Did we give them too many props

Sunday News: Father’s Day Life Lessons & Bras

Happy Father’s Day Some fathers could probably teach you a thing or two about push-up bras. Most certainly me, who recently started buying them as my girls need the boost. Happy Father’s Day you learned gentlemen, teachers, counsellors, protectors and guides! May your day be as you imagined and more! Let us get this bra issue out-of-the-way then focus on the meat and potatoes of today. Guide To Push-Up Bras Saw this hilarious piece on push-up bras and thought – “Hamm, this is not only informative and funny, but some

Saturday News: It’s Still Raining Men!

Man Day Bet you are thinking by now what happened here? You thought this blog is mainly by women (and one man) for women. Did you forget the part that says “and for the people who love them?” So, the focus is still on the men in most of your lives – the Fathers, the Dads, the husbands, brothers and friends who will have their day tomorrow – Father’s Day. Summer Body Before we get to them though, here is something you might be interested in as you spruce up the

TGIF & In The News: Men Bashing And Fairytales

 “Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender”  Alice Walker If you must label me please let it be  – womanist. Alice Walker coined the term and as explained on the blog – A Feminist Theory Dictionary – “it is a reaction to the realization that “feminism” does not encompass the perspectives of Black women. It is a feminism that is “stronger in color… A Womanist is a woman who loves women and appreciates women’s culture and power as something that is incorporated into the world as a whole…”

Another Fatherless Father’s Day

Without A Dad My father passed away soon after my 15th birthday. We were never close. I hardly knew the man. Whether he had a clue about me – a child he saw no more days than in a month before his death – I am not sure. So, Father’s Day was never celebrated in my house. “Daddy,” did not live with us. See, I am a member of that statistical group – Fatherless Children and according to the “U.S. Census Bureau, one-third of all American children are growing up

In The News: Fatherhood Is Getting A Makeover

Father’s Day 2015 Father’s Day is three ‘sleeps’ away and the excitement is mounting as fatherhood is getting a makeover. Maybe the birth of my granddaughter almost a year ago (Canada Day) has mellowed my heart about Father’s Day. Watching Kitten with her Dad, his involvement in her life, his tenderness towards her and his ferocious protection of her open a new vista for me. Growing up fatherless, my understanding of having a daddy was skewed. On the ‘mentionable’ side – a father was the man who I longed for, just