Another Fatherless Father’s Day

Without A Dad My father passed away soon after my 15th birthday. We were never close. I hardly knew the man. Whether he had a clue about me – a child he saw no more days than in a month before his death – I am not sure. So, Father’s Day was never celebrated in my house. “Daddy,” did not live with us. See, I am a member of that statistical group – Fatherless Children and according to the “U.S. Census Bureau, one-third of all American children are growing up

In The News: Fatherhood Is Getting A Makeover

Father’s Day 2015 Father’s Day is three ‘sleeps’ away and the excitement is mounting as fatherhood is getting a makeover. Maybe the birth of my granddaughter almost a year ago (Canada Day) has mellowed my heart about Father’s Day. Watching Kitten with her Dad, his involvement in her life, his tenderness towards her and his ferocious protection of her open a new vista for me. Growing up fatherless, my understanding of having a daddy was skewed. On the ‘mentionable’ side – a father was the man who I longed for, just