Seasons Change: Embrace It Already!

They Do Not Repeat It was about this time last year that I wrote a piece about changing direction in life. I laid out my life plan, one I had had since early childhood, and then carefully explained how it was ripped away and I hit a wall. After licking my wounds, I changed direction. Since then, I have changed direction countless times and it is startling to see how different my life has turned out than I expected. Seasons change, they do not repeat. Though I am happy with my

Fall Roundup: Mixed Bag

Fall Gifts Fall has arrived and in my house it came with a gift of the cold! Normally not one to succumb to illness – other than the so-called preexisting conditions – this bout has been lingering ever since my granddaughter, who was the kind bearer of the gift, brought it to my home. Scouring the Internet and my co-bloggers’ pages, there is a multitude of Fall giveaways and offerings available to savvy shoppers. We, my daughter and I, actually kicked off the season with our own adventure last Saturday

9 Things Every Woman Should Do This Fall

For Leaf-Loving Women Though it can be hard to believe now, when even places on the West Coast are experiencing temperatures in the hundreds, cooler weather is just ahead. If you have not started thinking about your Halloween costume, it must be because you have not set foot in a department store recently—they are stocked and ready! With Fall fast approaching, it is not too late to start getting into the Autumn spirit. Here are a few fun things every leaf-loving woman should do this Fall The Fall To Do

Autumn: The Season Of Change, Shopping And Romance

Countdown To Fall Nine days away from the official beginning of Fall (Autumn) and thoughts are running high in my family about clothes shopping. My daughter is a major shopper – I am not. She goes to a store or a mall every single day – I kid you not. It has become a joke between us when she calls, instead of a hello, I ask “What did you get today?” She now has a legitimate “excuse” for her daily excursions to the stores – a growing child. “I had