Fake Friends And How To Spot Them

Facebook And Fake Everything This is not the first time that friendship is the topic of conversation here. However, this is the first conversation about fake friends.  With all the talk about “fake news,” we might as well broach the topic. Facebook is in the news this week – although it seems to always somehow be in it. The much-loved social media platform is accused of harbouring fake news. Whether it knowingly did so is being analysed. There are those, myself included, who would argue that this is nothing new

Roundup Rant: Unsolicited Advisers, Please Bugger Off!

Unsolicited Advice Have you ever received advice from someone who you either do not know or did not ask for their opinion? What do you do with unsolicited advice? We each have our own way of doing things and being in the world. Yet some people have appointed themselves experts on everything. Then there are others who have excelled in their field (congrats) and now feel that no other course ought to be charted but theirs. Everyone must follow them or, according to them, you will not get too far.