Clutter: Here Are Some Reasons To Let It Go

Please Burn Down My House! Spring is usually the time of year that many clear the clutter around their homes. We are almost at the beginning of Fall and time to hunker down. Yet, we are starting a conversation about clearing space. Any time of the year is good to release clutter from our lives especially the type that is in focus here. Unless you are a hoarder, physical congestion in our space is problematic for moving around. So, what better time than now to get cleaning in your house.

Learn Fast And Read The Signs Life Gives To You

Read The Signs! Previously published in November, 2014 Soon after arriving in Canada, Edmonton to be exact, a man said to us as we wandered lost in the subway station, “Learn fast, read the signs!” Not sure why that comment has stuck with me 13 years later but he was absolutely right. My intuition is very powerful. It was tuned, literally and figuratively, while I studied for my first Master’s degree in the Ukraine in the 1980’s. Being prepared as I was for the diplomatic service, reading the signs, political,