Happy? What Is Stopping You?

You Can Be Right Now Woke up around 4:15 a.m. and, as is now a practice of mine, I rolled around in my bed, rubbing my feet back and forth along the Egyptian cotton sheet, hugged a couple of pillows tightly and snuggled under the comforter and said, “I am happy, blessed and grateful for everything and in every way today!” Yes, it might sound corny, trite and even trivial to some of you reading this but happiness really is your choice. For so many years of my life, in

Emotions Can Run High At Christmas

Use Them… Nothing expresses the emotions that we feel like the songs we listen. Whether it is new or lost love, songs will always be able to tell the joys or the angst that you are feeling. In the opinion of some, our emotions are reflective of our thoughts while others believe that emotions are the driving force “I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.” ― Oscar Wilde Whatever your view, Christmas is one

bad memories

Empty – Is that How You Feel?

Connecting The Dots Things always connect in my mind. Seemingly obscure thoughts, posts, conversations even billboards along my route to work always eventually connect. Dots along the way, never empty statements, even though they stand alone in the moment. So when I read articles and posts on blogs, in my Facebook news feed, on Twitter – wherever – in the moment they might seem just like words but I would successfully wager a bet that eventuaFlly they connect. Case in point: the suggestion to ask you, readers of this blog,

Why You Should Embrace Being Alone

Lonely or Alone? Alone versus lonely, a difference that many people never understand as they are so busy crowding and keeping in their lives people who can never give them what they truly seek – themselves. It is a long weekend here in Canada – Labour Day Weekend – and since 5:00 a.m., I have basked in my alone-ness. Although my quietude has been unceremoniously disrupted, as been happening more frequently recently despite my expressed dissatisfaction with the noise level, my heart still sings with joy being alone. There was

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She Is Not Sexy, She Is Violent: A Hard Truth To Accept

Violence By Women Today’s conversation is not sexy, simple or sentimental. It is serious. As a blog concerned with the daily issues affecting the lives – the entire being – of women, it would be remiss, irresponsible, ingenuous and plain stupid for me, as the lead blogger, to not address the underbelly of women’s lives. [tweetthis]Read the hard truth about violence in women in this blog post! #RealTalk[/tweetthis] Violence by women. As always, the conversations that we have are always grounded, to some degree, in the lived experiences of the