Promises: Do Not Be Fooled

This Is Not About The U.S. Elections! Remembering the last time an article was posted here that caused confusion among some readers. They were somehow fooled into believing that it was a political post when, in fact, it was not. As the idea of today’s Tuesday Thought came to me and how to present it – the voice in my head (I have only one) said to me, “Be careful that your readers are not fooled again into thinking that you are discussing the election campaign in the U.S.” No,

Women, Please Vote!

The Politics Of Our Time Canadians will go to the polls in a couple of days and I will be among them. My daughter actually preempted me by casting her vote in the advance polls last Monday – Thanksgiving Day. As I admitted on my Facebook page and personal profile, I did not exercise my franchise in the last federal elections. My adolescent years in Jamaica were very much focussed on women and voting, politics in general and international affairs. However, my life a few years ago was in somewhat