TGIF & In The News: Men Bashing And Fairytales

 “Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender”  Alice Walker If you must label me please let it be  – womanist. Alice Walker coined the term and as explained on the blog – A Feminist Theory Dictionary – “it is a reaction to the realization that “feminism” does not encompass the perspectives of Black women. It is a feminism that is “stronger in color… A Womanist is a woman who loves women and appreciates women’s culture and power as something that is incorporated into the world as a whole…”

Education For Girls Is Not Problematic, Mrs Duggar

“Labour for learning before you grow old. For learning is better than silver or gold. Silver and gold will vanish away, but a good education will never decay” One Crime – Teaching Girls You might readily recall the vicious attack on Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani girl whose only sin was teaching girls to read. Most of us could only stand and watch in amazement as news of her struggles unfolded, praying she would be safely transferred to the United Kingdom and for her restoration to good health. Her ordeal

In The News: Education For Girls And Defense Of Tim Hunt

Misogyny Is Real: Tim Hunt Revisited Tim Hunt’s comment about “the problem with girls in labs” was sexist. It was also misplaced, demeaning and discouraging – whether he intended it as a joke. Someone told me years ago to pay particular attention to what a person says when they are drunk or joking. The truth of their feelings always, uncontrollably, shine through. Clearly, Tim Hunt was not inebriated when he made the joke – I think – but his joke opened a window to his soul. He has worked alongside