A Thanksgiving Conversation For You

Turkey Day Approaches We here in Canada observe Thanksgiving almost a month earlier than our cousins in the United States.  Just this past week, as my daughter prepared for a vacation to my country of origin – Jamaica – we talked about a family gathering she will be attending. Thinking about the personalities and behind the scene stories, I remarked that she might be in for the uncomfortable Thanksgiving conversation you often hear about. October has been what you could call a turning point month in my life. Not only

Are You A Power Talker Or Peddler Of Poison?

“Let’s Talk” Is it just me or have you noticed that some people, especially men in relationships, scatter when they hear, “Let’s talk?” Why is that so? Is it because they think the conversation is going to be painful, boring and possibly repetitive? Are you in the habit of causing harm with your words or talking about the same thing over and over? Are you a power talker of peddler of poison? I used to be like that but with time, training and a true desire to have meaningful interactions,