Natural Foods You Want To Eat

Sex or Dinner – Which Is Better? After sex (or is it before?) food, particularly natural foods, is my next favourite thing! There was a time in my life when I was grossly overweight. I say grossly not because of society’s standards of beauty. I simply was not happy with the 210 pounds that I was packing. My baby pictures are that of a fat but cute little thing. My mother said that I was close to nine pounds at birth and I kept the weight up until I started

TGIF, In The News: Amy Schumer

TGIF or T*GIF? Did you get out of bed with the uppermost thought being  – TGIF? Did a few choice expletives go with your thought? Come on, you can tell me. It has been a long week, an exciting but long one with the relocating of this blog from Blogger to WordPress. It is still a work in progress, elements missing but bear with me. Fired the first assistant who orchestrated the move, had two others stepping forward to do a fantastic job of unpacking the promotion, SEO, and other